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welcome to the new epiphyte hotel ™ website!

epiphyte hotel ™ is an initiative by mual | architecture to develope a new hotel concept unlike any other.

common spaces of modern hotels have graduately evolved from hosting basic facilities to being the multifunctional heart opening up to city life.
different scale hotels, from big chains to boutique and hip or design hotels; the majority of these hotels offer a extended selection of entertainment program. recent developments include themed entertainment hotels.

in a way, these multifunctional hotels them selves try to become a destination for the visitor. they are generic "destination hotels" that in many cases lack any relation with the host city.

the thinking that lead to the foundation of the epiphyte hotel ™ concept is reverse to this development. epiphyte hotel ™ drives on developing a one room hotel concept with very location specific features.

unlike the destination hotels, epiphyte hotel ™ blends in in the city landscape and will offer visitors to each hotel room an ultimate local city experience.

a mual | architecture initiative concept v1.3